John Summit did Croatia set after eating magic mushrooms…

Two years of being in lockdowns and nightclubs being largely closed are apparently sending some DJs a little bit crazy this year. Every now and then, Ears To The House gets sent amusing stories of DJs turning up at work in intoxicated states – and we’re not talking in the alcoholic sense of the word.

A few weeks ago, we brought you news of how the DJ, occasional documentary narrator and mysteriously rising star Ash Lauryn was complaining about the apparent lack of cannabis to be found in Albania. This time, however, we bring you news about a DJ who not only managed to find a substance, but ingested it.

Apparently accidentally.

Step forward, John Summit. Whilst we’re not the biggest fans of his music, we can certainly respect how hard this man works – he probably has one of the busiest touring schedules we’ve seen for this year. A little while before his set for Defected Croatia a few days ago, Summit had a light snack before leaving the hotel.

Unfortunately for Summit – whose real name is John Walter Schuster – it was a “special chocolate bar”…

So how did his set at one of the infamous Defected boat parties go? According to the feedback we’ve seen on social media – and one of our sources who was actually on the boat – it went absolutely fine. Our source comments “his set was a bit more uplifting than normal, but that’s probably no bad thing”.

Heaven only knows what Defected label boss Simon Dunmore makes of the whole episode. The only clue we can find as to his views on drugs are in a 2016 interview with Foundations of House where he says “I don’t really want to get into a debate on drugs, but it’s part of society these days. Kids take drugs. People take drugs. You can sweep it under the carpet and try to ban it or whatever, but it’s omnipresent.”.

Vague, to say the least…

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