Louie Vega and a Wet Deck – insert your own joke here…

Louie Vega has been in the house music business for some 35 years now – and by that, we very much mean in the business. Sources who know Vega describe him as a man “who’s always known what he’s worth”, and also as “a guy who only a few people in his life truly know”.

This is partly why Vega remains in this business as of 2022, whilst most of those who started out at the same time as he did have long disappeared. He’s had the business mindset from the start – Ears To The House understands one of the reasons duo Masters At Work could command $20,000 a time for their remixes in the 90s was because Vega believed they could charge that much and people would pay.

And many did pay it, especially in the days when most major labels had substantial budgets set aside for house remixes. Whilst Vega’s musical outputs has remained prolific during the 21st century, events and his DJing schedule do get more of an emphasis than they used to.

All the same, we do have to wonder who in Louie Vega’s team thought it was a good idea for him to appear at an event called Wet Deck. Insert your own joke here – we’ve cracked a few already…

The blurb on their own website reads as follows…

“Sip your favorite cocktail while our DJ mixes bold beats. During hot summer months, a day to evening transition takes place. The lights go down, the music turns up, the sunbeds disappear, and the candles arrive. Local and international DJs spin soulful beats on the terrace while you take in spectacular Mediterranean views.”.

Guests staying at the W Barcelona hotel on August 21st, the Sunday which Louie and Anané Vega are due to appear, can expect to pay at least €540 for a one-night stay, rising to nearly €900 for the more plush rooms. This place doesn’t come cheap – but then again, nor does Louie Vega.

You even have the option of arriving at the venue in a private jet. You, too, can tell the polar bears to breathe in your pollution – again, just like Louie Vega – by travelling there on a jet with just yourself and some select company. Prices start from £3599 per person, making it a truly affordable option for business-minded DJs.

Quite why such an expensive place has such a cheap name is a mystery…

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