Masters At Work are milking the Nuyorican Soul cow again…

There are few people in the dance music world who have been around longer than Louie Vega and Kenny Gonzalez. The two are primarily known as Masters At Work when they DJ together on their sporadic joint appearances these days – and both men definitely understand the appeal of nostalgia.

Now, Ears To The House must concede that the Masters At Work partnership did great things for house music in the 90s – and the large number of MAW remixes from that era testify it. But we’ve also been vocal in our opinions on this resurgence of the name in recent years – and are more than a little suspicious that this is an attempt to cash in.

But Vega and Gonzalez have other past projects they can milk for more money too. Such as the Nuyorican Soul project, which began as a one-off in 1993 with a release called “The Nervous Track”. The name was then resuscitated in 1996 with “Mind Fluid” and a number of other efforts between then and 1998.

The two men are due to do an anniversary event for Nuyorican Soul next Thursday at the We Out Here festival – but never ones to turn down an opportunity to monetise nostalgia, they’re doing it all over again at the Beautiful People festival in London on September 3rd. Shameless?

Quite possibly – but no more shameless than the rest of the industry…

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