Two-track Villalobos set to mark Fabric’s 23rd birthday!

Fabric London have survived quite a bit to get to where they are today. They’ve had to navigate a pandemic. They’ve had to deal with losing their licence after two drug-related deaths on the premises. And they’ve had to worry about the curse of Amy Lamé on top.

But they’re still here – and they’ve decided it’s the perfect opportunity for a knees-up. Ears To The House doesn’t blame them one bit – Ministry of Sound nightclub turned 30 last year and treated it as an excuse to party. And this party is going to last for 30 hours from October 15th-17th. So who’s appearing?

Well, the lineup begins with Ricardo Villalobos, who should have just enough time to play two of his tracks if he starts mixing them together early enough. Elsewhere, we have DJ Tennis – whether he’s cooking in the kitchen before playing his set is sadly unknown, with the likes of KiNK, Josh Caffé, Terry Francis and Craig Richards also making an appearance.

And if you fancy swotting up on your knowledge of all things Fabric from its beginnings in 1999, a three-part series is currently going out via Spotify. Episode one is out now, with two and three due to follow on August 23rd and 30th respectively…

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