Free DJ mix with your cannabis? It’s a thing in California

The USA is one of very few countries in the world where individual states can decide on their own drug policies. For example, anyone caught using marijuana in the state of Texas is breaking the law, and even being in possession of less than 2 ounces can result in a fine of up to $2000 or six months in prison.

But in California? They do things rather differently – cannabis has been legal within the state for recreational purposes since 2016 and is openly sold in shops. This legalisation hasn’t gone entirely to plan – despite the drug now being legal, a report in The Guardian last year revealed at least 80% of cannabis within the state is still being sold on the illegal market.

This means stores which do sell it legally have to go some lengths to get business. Some, for instance, offer home delivery options. And in the case of Foxworthy Farms – based in Sonoma County in the state’s north – they offer a freebie with certain purchases.

What’s the freebie? It’s a DJ mix, of all things. When you buy certain products from them, a QR code appears on the back of the packet – simply scan it with your phone’s camera and it’ll give you the option to stream or download the mix. But who has appeared on the series – and who might Ears To The House dare suggest should consider getting involved?

Well, for starters, Mark Farina contributed a mix to them a while ago – he even posted about it on his Facebook page. Elsewhere, Roy Davis Jr provided a mix distributed and supplied for free with a product called Skunkberry OG. David Harness, Kim Ann Foxman, Doc Martin and Nicky Siano are just some of the others on board.

And not only that, but the aforementioned David Harness was playing at one of their dispensaries last Friday…

Foxworthy Farms themselves claim that more are on their way – but may we humbly make a suggestion of getting DJ Sneak involved in the series? They seem to have a strong attraction towards Chicago artists and he seems a perfect fit to us…

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