Louie Vega plays a Mr V track – and Mr V isn’t happy!

Music producers can feel any number of things when someone else is playing their own tracks. Reactions typically range from ecstatic delight all the way down to just the whole thing feeling very surreal – even if DJs playing their records is the ultimate compliment for them.

Which brings us onto the subject of Louie Vega. This is a man who has played a lot of records throughout his career of over 35 years – he’s probably played as many from others as he has his own. On Sunday, Vega appeared with his wife Anané in Barcelona and played “Put Your Drink Down” by Mr V, featuring Tony Touch and Candela. The song was played precisely because the set seemed to be dedicated to Candela, who died recently.

Mr V wasn’t terribly happy about it, and asked Vega “What’s with my name being edited / removed in the first clip?”. Which is rather awkward – the original song came out on Vega Records in 2007 and was actually licenced in the UK by Defected.

Despite a few of us at Ears To The House trying, we still can’t work out exactly what’s happening in this clip either. We’ve listened to the song – it appears to be Louie Vega’s own mix being played, and both Mr V’s name appears and a chant going “Vega, Vega, Vega”.

The mystery continues…

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