Will Derrick May dare turn up at Detroit film afterparty?

The makers of God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines are very proud of their film. And whatever its faults, they generally should be. The film took 12 years to produce and chances are there were probably times they thought it would never be finished – so Ears To The House understands the pride they have in their accomplishment.

To celebrate, they’ve decided they’re going to have a party. It’s happening tomorrow night from 9pm on Detroit’s Beaufait Street and those attending are promised “a very special performance”. Given the revelations first made by Michael James last week about a “performance” by Juan Atkins, heaven only knows what we’re meant to make of this statement.

Guests include the aforementioned Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Eddie Fowlkes and James Pennington. One person notably absent from the bill is remaining Belleville Three member Derrick May – although May has form for appearing at these events anyway.

Regular readers might recall back in May last year, we reported on Derrick May’s appearance at the Detroit Historical Society being cancelled. So what did he do on the night of the event – did he order a pizza to be delivered to his house and have an early night? Not a bit of it. He went to the show anyway and even sat in the front row.

Will he make an appearance tomorrow night? It’s possible – he lives around half an hour away from the venue, and sources say May enjoys turning up randomly at events like this. We’ll keep you posted…

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