The most unusual DJ rider yet? Read on and you decide…

This is one of those stories which we weren’t entirely sure how to respond to when it first hit the Ears To The House desk. On the one hand, we’re used to hearing stories about ridiculous things on DJ riders and it wasn’t the first time we’d seen subjects of this nature mentioned on them. But it was the first time we’d seen this many mentioned.

It concerns a techno DJ whose name we cannot reveal – other than to say he’s from the European continent and has been in the business for a very long time. He was playing a gig on the American continent recently and his rider was submitted a little while before the event to the organisers.

Nothing unusual in that, you might think. And you’d be right if that’s all it was. But the organisers got something of a surprise when they read its contents – and in a sign of just how staggeringly crazy some of these riders are, it wasn’t the request for lines of cocaine which caused the bemusement.

No, it was the fact this particular DJ wanted what Ears To The House will simply refer to as a lady of the night for afterwards. And not just one – but FOUR of them. Organisers were said to think this was the most specific request they’d had from any DJ – but were nonetheless able to use their extensive contacts to acquire what the man wanted.

As for how he ultimately got on, that will probably remain a mystery forever to us – and most likely him too…

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