BREAKING NEWS: Larry Heard and Robert Owens win Trax lawsuit

Ears To The House has learnt this evening that Larry Heard and Robert Owens have emerged victorious out of their two year long legal action against Trax Records. The two men sued the label in 2020 over allegedly failing to pay royalties over many of their earliest releases in the mid-1980s.

As we understand it, the case has now been resolved. Heard and Owens will receive no money from Trax due to current boss Rachael Cain not having the means to pay. However, they’ve been given back the publishing and master recording rights to a number of their early releases as part of a deal to resolve the case.

Ears To The House will have a longer article on this subject tomorrow. For tonight, we’re happy to join Heard and Owens in raising a glass to celebrate…

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