Blake Baxter wasn’t paid for his music used in a film he appeared in!

If someone over at Detroit has anything good to report about dance music in the city, can they get in touch? We absolutely refuse to accept everyone involved in the music in the city can possibly be a duplicitous snake, so if anyone does have any good news we can report – please bring it to our attention via email.

Because we came across yet another story over the weekend which leaves us wondering where the good guys are. Blake Baxter appears in the film God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines, and his name is even being used to promote the film – hence why the usual Belleville Three fairy tale is being toned down for unashamedly commercial purposes.

But does Baxter endorse the film he appears in? Good heavens, no. Infact, the only thing we find unusual so far is how no one is stepping up to defend the film from Baxter’s onslaught of criticism. And during the weekend, he unleashed yet more of it…

Yes, you did read that correctly. They got him to appear on the film and used his music on it – but they haven’t paid him. To anyone unfamiliar with this, anyone wishing to use copyrighted music within a film, TV show or anywhere else must obtain permission and a licence to do so – detailing what fees are payable and to whom.

Exactly how those fees are subsequently distributed depends on the contracts between artists and record labels – but the licence is non-negotiable. The people behind God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines have been contacted for comment…

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