Exclusive: Case involving “several Trax artists” moving fast…

Here at Ears To The House, we firmly believe in karma. If you’re good to people, good things will come your way. But if you try to deceive or cheat, you will eventually be found out and exposed for what you are. We imagine this might be something which Trax Records – a label with a long history of ripping off its own artists – are right now wishing they’d discovered a lot sooner.

Last week, it was announced the legal action instigated by Larry Heard and Robert Owens against the label had been resolved – with Trax forced to admit they couldn’t pay the royalties due and subsequently being forced to hand back the master and publishing rights to numerous 1980s releases to the two men. They now own swathes of their own music once more – and if what we’re hearing is correct, Trax Records might wish to keep their solicitors on speed dial.

Because Ears To The House can exclusively reveal a case is being prepared against Trax Records right now – we aren’t disclosing the name of the instigator at present, but we understand the case involves numerous artists previously featured on the label. A source familiar with the matter tells us the case is “well advanced” and is “moving quickly”.

They told us “This case has been in the works for a while, but was put on hold whilst we awaited the outcome of the case by Larry and Robert. Because no one had brought a case like this against Trax before, no one knew how they’d respond. So when the news came last week, things started moving again quickly.”

Over the weekend, Adonis Smith tweeted that “everyone will feast off the beast” – and we’ve been told he is amongst the long list of people who will be part of this action. Indeed, if the list we’ve seen is accurate, it features at least twenty different artists.

The next move could happen “as early as days from now”, our source disclosed. This could get a lot worse for Trax Records before it gets better…

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