Rebekah and Francesco Tristano only performed once – why?

Rebekah Teasdale is a woman who has done much in her life. She started out as a model in the 1990s, occasionally dabbling with DJing. Eventually in the 2000s, she went full-time into DJing and never looked back. In addition to that, she’s a central founder of the #ForTheMusic campaign.

Contrary to what some people believe, Ears To The House holds a lot of respect for Teasdale – in a DJ world full of people whose sole interest is fattening their bank accounts, her being prepared to stand up for what she believes in is a refreshing quality. But this won’t prevent us from asking questions where they need to be asked – the cosy consensus of the dance music press was why this site was founded, after all.

Earlier this week, Teasdale posted a flashback video on her Instagram page showing a performance she did last year for French television with Francesco Tristano. To date, only one performance has happened – and Teasdale explained in a comment they decided between them that this would be a one-off…

What Teasdale doesn’t explain is why – so let’s see if we can join the dots here. A few years ago, Tristano played keys for several of the Derrick May orchestral shows. Since then, investigations by the likes of this site and Michael James have discovered May cannot play himself – leading to the question of whether Tristano knew about it.

May and Tristano have also worked together, with Tristano having released an EP on Transmat. Whilst there’s certainly no suggestion that Tristano knew anything about the multiple allegations of sexual abuse made against Derrick May, the fact Teasdale is a leader of the #ForTheMusic campaign against sexual harassment makes perception important.

This may be fair, this might not – we’ll let others judge that. But it’s how the cookie crumbles…

DJs Playing Badly returns next week.

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