Strictly Rhythm promotes itself by posting none of its music…

Social media algorithms work in such a way that if you post frequently and get lots of engagement, they make sure lots of eyeballs see your posts. Hence why record labels nowadays end up posting lots of rubbish – it saves them money when they actually do have something to promote.

We published an article recently on Defected’s social media strategy – and they’re not alone in this. But in their rush to ensure they remain friends with the algorithm, they do start making increasingly odd decisions. Such as Traxsource using vinyl to promote their store despite never selling any.

Or there’s this post from Strictly Rhythm. Notice anything unusual?

That’s right – none of the singles featured were actually released on Strictly Rhythm. Don’t believe us? Let’s go through them – 1989’s “French Kiss” by Lil Louis was on FFRR, “This Is Acid” by Maurice Joshua was on Trax in 1988 and Inner City’s “Good Life” from the same year was released on Virgin Records.

Masters At Work’s 1993 hit “I Can’t Get No Sleep”? Cutting Records. 1994 release “100% Pure Love” by Crystal Waters was A&M, S-Express’s “Theme From S-Express” was on Capitol and Rhythm King in 1988 – finally, Cajmere’s “It’s Time For The Percolator” was a Cajual release first seen back in 1992.

And as for the “Maxi Single” with the distinctive Strictly Rhythm logo and bricks? No one has a clue what it even is…

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