The female DJ who’s actually a man – and we can’t tell you who!

This is one of those stories which was first sent to Ears To The House several months ago. We subsequently investigated the tip provided by our source and discovered it was genuine. And whilst it took some time to get everything to stack up, due to the subject being slightly different to what we normally come across, the information was correct.

Shortly before publication, we contacted the subject of the story to ask them if they’d like to comment. Around 24 hours later, we received an email from their solicitor threatening legal proceedings if we were to reveal the information – citing the “distress and anguish” it would cause their client, and expressing concerns about his mental health.

The story concerned a female DJ who, well, isn’t a female DJ. No, it’s actually a male DJ pretending to be a female DJ. You might be asking how exactly this works, so we’ll tell you right now.

The male DJ creates the records and then releases them under a female pseudonym. The pseudonym is associated with a female artist, and some pictures are provided. However, the pictures are actually those of his partner – and we understand the images are being used with her total blessing.

This might partially be to do with the fact she is officially listed as a writer on many of the records in question – even though we understand she doesn’t make any of the records herself. Looks like your secret is safe for a little longer, then…

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