Danny Rampling says use cash – and fails at the first hurdle…

The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over – Ears To The House found this out back in July when we all managed to catch it in the same month, despite none of us ever being in close proximity to each other. But it’s safe to say things are in a different stage to where they used to be, especially since many of us are now vaccinated.

This has posed a dilemma for Danny Rampling, that okay-ish DJ and political chameleon who told us in March 2020 that those who refused to follow lockdown rules were “a danger to us all”. Now that almost all of the rules have been ditched, what on earth was the Runny Dumpling going to complain about?

One of those answers is the cashless society. Rampling loves cash – he always has done, judging by his DJ fees in the 90s – and distrusts banks, corporations and politicians who are promoting a cashless, digital society. And it’s with that in mind that Rampling posted this on Facebook…

The business which he posts about sells mostly outdoor gear – and are keen to emphasise they welcome cash sales. As, of course, they’re absolutely entitled to do. But not for the first time, Rampling only chooses to see what he wants to see.

Because underneath the printed notices is a handwritten one – claiming the card payment provider refuses to provide them with a service because “they do not wish to support this kind of shop”. In other words, the shop is keen to accept your cash due to the fact they physically cannot accept payment by credit or debit card.

As far as examples go of when to opt for cash over card, Mr Rampling has chosen a pretty poor one here. We can only assume that he therefore only accepts payment in cash for the occasional DJ gigs he still has…

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