Rebekah takes aim at the royals – and the reason isn’t a bad one…

Ears To The House doesn’t claim to be experts on the subject, but we sense the media are not going to anywhere near as friendly to King Charles III as they were to his recently deceased predecessor. The fact he’s already lost his temper at two public events in the past few days barely helps to allay this concern.

In the meantime, one person who has remained very quiet on the subject of monarchy recently is Rebekah Teasdale, one of the leaders behind the #ForTheMusic campaign against sexual harassment in dance music. So what are her views? Is she something of a royalist herself?

Er, that would be a no…

It does send out a pretty bad message, doesn’t it? Prince Andrew recently had to pay out over £12million to make allegations of sexual abuse against a 17-year old go away. At the time, it was reported his mother was paying the bill – alongside other reports the then Prince Charles thought Andrew should pay it himself.

The monarchy really don’t help themselves sometimes, do they?

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