Why didn’t Ministry of Sound stop Gordo hogging the DJ booth?

DJs behaving in an entitled manner is something we constantly hear about here at Ears To The House. It’s often the same names which keep appearing – and some of those names even sometimes pop up in our articles. But this particular story from this weekend is one of the more jaw-dropping ones we’ve come across recently.

On Saturday night, Ministry of Sound in London were holding an event headlined by GORDO – whose real name is Diamanté Anthony Blackmon and who otherwise produces music under the name Carnage. He was playing alongside Waze and Essel – but the latter two didn’t get to perform at the club on the night.

Why? It appears Blackmon simply decided he wasn’t leaving at the end of his set, and just chose to play through for a total of three and a half hours. Things such as contracts and DJ set times don’t seem to matter for the likes of Blackmon – who’s obviously getting a bit of an ego after producing part of Drake’s recent dreadful album.

Waze wasn’t happy with being effectively pushed out of the lineup – and Essel is even less so…

Whilst Ears To The House respects Essel’s assertion that Ministry of Sound “stayed professional”, this doesn’t mean they’re getting out of being asked questions. When it became clear that GORDO wasn’t going to finish his set voluntarily, why was nothing more done about it?

There would be any number of people involved in this process. Quite how many were present last night is unclear, but judging by the stories we get sent, there are a number of ways to get a stubborn DJ to leave. For instance, why did no one think to cut the sound? Or why did security not simply remove him from the premises?

Let’s face it – this would simply not be allowed to happen if it was a smaller act refusing to give way to a bigger act at the end of their set. So exactly why GORDO seemed to think it was acceptable coming from him is a mystery – and the man himself hasn’t yet commented on the situation.

He also appears to have forgotten he retired in May of this year. Maybe his memory was playing tricks with him on Saturday night too…

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