Why is Trax refusing to speak with Ears To The House?

Last week, Trax Records put out a curious statement, which seemed to indicate some kind of fightback against recent negative publicity in the press. Ears To The House covered it with articles last Thursday and Friday – and the statement ended with the words “Contact us for interviews or with questions”.

So our editor did precisely that. He got in touch with label boss Rachael Cain shortly after we published our first article with a proposal – an article of her own. She could write the Trax Records story of the past few years in her own words – with a guarantee that no edits would be made without her agreement, bar to fix spelling mistakes.

It’s not something we’ve ever offered anyone before on those terms – but there are other factors at play here. For better or worse, Trax Records was an integral part of house music’s early days – and right now, parts of that history aren’t well known or understood. As someone who was there when it happened, Cain would be able to provide insight – hence the generous offer.

So we awaited a response. As of this Tuesday afternoon, we’re still waiting – which means we find ourselves in the unusual situation of someone who openly posted on social media inviting requests for comment subsequently not commenting.

Curiously enough, however, Cain did find the time to comment over on Resident Advisor’s Facebook page a few days ago, thanking them for “sharing the truth” – over 24 hours after we first did. She also told someone who pointed out the Casablanca and Trax venture was a joint one to look up the documents on the subject before charmingly stating “I guess you can’t read”.

You’re really not going to win yourself any friends like this, Rachael. Our offer still stands, by the way…

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