Derrick May is making a “secret” appearance on Halloween night…

It’s been a while since Ears To The House has had to do one of these posts. We just take it as testament to how little of a career this particular person has nowadays, compared to the at least 200 gigs per year he used to do in his heyday. But needs must.

Derrick May is going to play at a Halloween gathering on Monday 31st October at a “secret and private” gathering in Portugal. It’s indeed so “secret and private” that tickets are being sold for it online – leaving the definition of the two words so overextended that even Stretch Armstrong would struggle to hold it together.

The organisers of this event – and trust us, we’re looking into them – clearly never received the Ears To The House guide for booking the 59-year old occasional DJ that is Derrick May. Had they done so, they would know the first rule of booking Derrick May is NOT to tell the world you’ve done it. You have to keep it under wraps for as long as possible.

Why? Because the likes of this site will start writing about you from the moment they find out – it makes them feel uncomfortable and provides us with content. And when we’re running a six day a week operation with the hope of running a full seven days a week service in the near future, we need as much content as we can get!

Oh well – let’s see how long it takes before this particular gig is cancelled…

Full credit to Michael James for first reporting on this story.

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