Is there a way back from Worldwide FM’s current plight?

There’s a lot of things in the dance music world which aren’t going very well at the moment. Everyone seems to be struggling under the rising costs of all kinds of things – and it turns out the world of radio has landed in the same plight.

Six years ago, Gilles Peterson launched Worldwide FM in partnership with Boiler Room and file-sharing website WeTransfer. The station has done pretty well since then and has seen DJs such as the likes of Louie Vega appearing – but it now faces a grim future at the end of October.

Why? Because the station is essentially running low on money. Their own social media message confirms it…

So what are they to do? A subscription model is a potential route, although relatively untested on a freeform radio platform like this one. A sale to a commercial radio company might be a possibility – although would this mean Worldwide FM would have to start running adverts and carry more mainstream music than it does now.

Perhaps it might be time for one of the DJs who has appeared on the station to grasp the mantle and make an investment into the station. Or maybe one of those DJs who have made it big and mysteriously decided they’re still underground might want to prove it by putting their money where their mouth is. There’s a few more of them around than usual this year.

In the meantime, Brownswood might be best advised posting messages like this, even if they have nothing but good intentions…

Aside from the arrogant assumption that Worldwide FM’s entire audience consists of republicans, it’s probably not the best time to boast about a discussion on colonialism just as Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was getting underway. Whilst they are correct on the importance of a “diverse broadcasting landscape”, tweeting in this kind of way might alienate some of their audience – and right now, potential investors who could save the station, too…

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