Wednesday Whisper: 21st September 2022

Which travelling DJ has been complaining lately to his friends about his burgeoning waistline? The DJ himself got back to work last summer on a limited scale, but fully immersed himself back into his job this season – scheduling almost no days off at all since the spring.

And by the DJ’s own admission, he’s thrown himself back into his work in every way possible – admitting he missed the culinary delights he got to eat as part of his extensive travels. Over the past two years, however, something has changed – namely, his ability to keep eating without gaining a single pound has disappeared.

Friends are now telling stories of how he’s bemoaning the fact he doesn’t fit into half of his clothes – so much so that he recently had to redo a photoshoot because he decided the top he’d chosen wasn’t flattering enough. One claimed he’s said “I must be the only person in the world who managed to lose weight during lockdown but piled it on when back at work”.

The DJ is understood to be ordering just a little bit less from the many restaurants he frequents – and is also considering how to politely turn down his thirds at Christmas dinner…

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