Defected announcement of South Africa tour gives us déjà vu…

Do you ever wonder which famous names read your favourite dance music website? It’s fine if it doesn’t – rest assured we don’t spend much time thinking about it either. But when things like the following happen, it does give us a fleeting moment to wonder.

On 7th September, Ears To The House published a story detailing how Wez Saunders – the shiny new owner of Defected after his recent takeover of the company – was pondering expanding the events season in order to bring in more revenue. We contacted The Insider, a shadowy figure who has worked deep in the dance music world for decades, for his take – and he said this…

“I think the launch of Sondela a few years ago was interesting. I think that could be their launch pad into doing festivals in the likes of South Africa, although it needs to get bigger first.”

Have a guess what Defected have just announced? Why, only a mini-tour of South Africa finishing only a week before Christmas, of course…

Ears To The House understands this mini-tour was originally due to be announced last week, but the British label decided to postpone after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Five dates are mentioned across Cape Town and Johnannesburg – the choice of just two locations showing Defected are being cautious on this initial outing to the country.

The fact it appears twice – just as many times as the main Defected brand – here is significant. Wez Saunders might well have decided the first change he wanted to make was to put some meat on Sondela’s bones. This might prove a smart move, although it’s too soon to say whether there’s more to be read from this decision.

Tickets are on sale now

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