Louie Vega plugs a new barbers shop – by doing a selfie wearing a hat…

If there’s one comment which can safely be made about DJs in the higher echelons of the dance music world, it’s that most of them are incredibly vain. They generally always have been – stories of DJs frantically trying to find somewhere to get their haircut or to tidy up any facial hair are as old as time itself.

It’s a great irony when you think about it. This is an industry where the bro culture is very much alive and kicking – Ears To The House thinks it’s more alive than ever nowadays. These men would have you believe it’s everyone else who’s vain – when in truth, they’re just as bad themselves. They want everything from their hair all the way down to their shoes perfect, and they can get very upset when it isn’t.

We were reminded of all this over the weekend when Louie Vega posted a selfie. When doesn’t he, you might ask? And you’d be right – but this one was taken at a new barbers…

Vega says he’s happy with the results. Which is fair enough – but do we dare point out one little thing? Yes, it seems we do. Because at the risk of looking somewhat impertinent, plugging a business whose primary purpose is cutting men’s hair by wearing a hat is probably not the best idea.

And speaking of all things vain, we’ve got quite the Wednesday Whisper for you on this very subject. You’ll see what we mean later this week…

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