Detroit stays silent over Derrick May’s Thanksgiving parade

Yesterday, Ears To The House returned to the online airwaves with the story that Derrick May is due to appear at Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day parade on Thursday. As you might have noticed, we’re not exactly happy about the news – the feeling that it’s extremely inappropriate given May has faced multiple allegations of sexual abuse over the past two years refuses to go away.

Over the weekend, we contacted numerous companies involved with the parade in some way – Pet Supplies Plus, Ford Motor Company, The Skillman Foundation and DTE Energy were just a few. At the same time, we also contacted chief sponsors Gardner-White Furniture and the Parade Company, who are actually responsible for organising the whole event.

Yesterday, we decided to expand that list by sending out messages to as many of The Parade Company’s Board of Directors as we can possibly find details for. So, as of this Tuesday morning as we publish this article, how many have responded?

That would be none. That’s right – a man who has had numerous allegations of sexual assault and rape thrown at him appearing in a parade they’re associated with isn’t enough to have any of them responding publicly. Luckily for them, Ears To The House isn’t the least bit offended by the fact they’re trying to ignore us – many who receive emails from us tend not to answer.

Their collective silence looks bad – but privately? Two Detroit sources with connections to the city’s business world have told us that at least three members of the aforementioned board have expressed “concerns” about May’s impending appearance on a Belleville Three titled stand in just two days time.

It also remains to be seen exactly what Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins make of this whole episode. We’ve been told more than once that Saunderson reportedly ordered May to “stay away” from the recent premiere of the beleaguered film God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines – will he be any more keen to spend time with Derrick May three months later?

This one isn’t over…

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