Are Nervous Records losing their social media edge?

Nervous Records is a label which Ears To The House has something of a two-pronged attitude towards. On the one hand, this is a label with heritage and history, and it generally takes more risks nowadays than the majority of house music labels – most of the other big players are extremely conservative in nature.

On the other, we used to despise the way they sold themselves online, especially on social media. Scantily clad ladies barely modelling clothing is not a good look for a house music brand, no matter how many times you try to dress it up – pardon the pun. And we were glad to see the back of it, even if it was only when Annabel Ross, darling of the dance music press, stuck her nose in.

But since then, and there’s no easy way to say this, the Nervous brand on social media has felt a little bit lost. Whilst there are as many posts promoting the music as ever, the direction of their socials feels uncertain. Their current Instagram page, for example, is filled with videos about their latest releases, pictures from days gone by and lots of photos of Louie Vega.

Such as this picture of Vega where he looks like he’s just smelled something offensive, to cite an example…

But where are the adverts for the merchandise? They’re nowhere to be seen at the moment – and for labels with multiple revenue streams such as Nervous, this has the potential to be a problem. Is there any reason, for instance, that the existing Nervous models can’t continue posing in their clothes, but in a more appropriate way to the past?

It didn’t work too well when label boss Mike Weiss tried to do it himself, after all. Something to consider…

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