Marshall Jefferson mixed Ministry’s The Annual 2023…

When Ministry of Sound first started releasing compilation albums back in 1995, they made sure that each one was mixed by a well-known DJ. Well, when we say that, what we mean is they were supposedly mixed by a well-known DJ – the standard of “mixing” on some of those early compilations leaves us wondering if some of those DJs were just lending their name to earn a few quid.

But we digress. Ministry of Sound stopped getting DJs to routinely mix their compilations in the early 2000s – the last one that Ears To The House is aware of before the change was Clubbers Guide to 2001, mixed by Tall Paul. After a period of being mixed by Steve Canueto – now of Digital DJ Tips – a young apprentice called Dipesh Parmar took over in 2002.

That would be the same young apprentice who actually now runs the Ministry of Sound label and has done somince 2020. And whilst it’s unlikely Marshall Jefferson wishes to follow the same path – not least because the same trajectory would see him achieving that goal at the sprightly age of 81 – he has now mixed a compilation for Ministry of Sound himself.

It appears Jefferson has mixed The Annual 2023 – yes, we’re as surprised as you to discover this series still exists – and it’s available to listen to on Apple Music. And honestly? We could do with your help on this one, because we’re not sure what to make of this.

On the one hand, one thing which drives us mad at Ears To The House is DJs of a certain age relentlessly complaining that everything was better in their day instead of accepting that things change – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Jefferson is still releasing music now – infact, he has a new track out now with Joe Killington. We quite like it…

But on the other hand, much of the music on this mix is, frankly, appalling. Is this the price of keeping relevant these days? Tell us what you think…

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