Discontent in techno’s ranks over Belleville Three parade?

Ears To The House was beginning to get the impression that the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade fallout was over and done with – but it appears such thoughts were premature. For it seems the whole world of Detroit techno wasn’t supporting the appearance of the so-called Belleville Three in the parade last week.

And believe it or not, it wasn’t Derrick May’s appearance at this prestigious event which they found to be the biggest problem. Nor was it the fact these three men were to be given yet another opportunity to keep their fairytale alive and well.

No, it turns out the roots of the celebration of Thanksgiving was their biggest gripe. The current form of Thanksgiving dates from 1863, when the then President Abraham Lincoln declared it would become a permanent part of the USA’s calendar – to be celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday in November.

However, the roots of the holiday go back much further – they date back to the early 1600s, around the time that Europeans started exploring the Americas. The first English settlement was established in the country in 1607. They, along with the French and the Spanish, brought horses, cattle, and hogs to the Americas and took things like maize, turkeys, tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco back home.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t all they brought with them – many also brought diseases which were common in Europe but unheard of in the Americas. There were also other issues – such as inevitable fighting between Europeans who wanted to conquer more land and the indigenous population who wanted to keep it as theirs.

The result for Native Americans? Death and destruction on a large scale – described by a number of historians over the years as “genocide”. In other words, Thanksgiving has a rather dark history which means there are many in the modern day USA who don’t celebrate it – and Yahoo has a fairly good summary for those wanting to know more.

One Detroit source, who’s been releasing records for a very long time, was rather more blunt in his assessment – saying “I don’t know what the f*** they’re playing at. These three have said loads of times that racism is the reason they’re not millionaires, and that they’d be more successful if they were white. But here they are taking part in a parade for a festival covered in the same colonialism and racism they usually get angry about. It’s strange how they can put their so-called principles aside when it suits them.”.

That’s gotta sting…

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