DJ agency which previously threatened to gag Ears To The House is in financial difficulty – and we’re not at all smug about it…

Those of you who have been with us from the days before we were even called Ears To The House might remember a story we originally published in May 2021. After publishing the anonymous account of a pretty big room DJ who admitted to playing plague raves, the agency which represented him contacted this site and demanded we remove the stories, as well as publishing an apology to them.

Our Editor responded by telling them in no uncertain terms to get lost – and despite further efforts from the agency, they received further responses along the same lines. Well, a source has been in touch with us recently with the latest developments at the plague rave agency – a name which they hate being called, incidentally. So what did our source have to say for himself?

He said “The agency is basically in the s*** right now. The rising cost of everything last year resulted in the agency becoming more and more greedy. Some of their biggest names now cost around four times as much to book as they did two years ago. There’s one of them who was charging £10k in 2021, and who’s now charging £45k for the same gig. They’re doing the same across the board, and it’s now coming back to bite them firmly on the bum”.

How’s that, then? He went on to say “Their greed has meant they’ve lost an absolute ton of bookings over the past couple of weeks. It all started about three or four months ago, but the cancellations over the past three weeks or so have been unlike anything they’ve seen – only the Covid lockdown in spring 2020 was worse than this. The bosses have been living the high life for a while and now the money’s drying up, they’re crapping themselves on the inside.”.

When emailed by the Ears To The House team yesterday before publication, the agency replied with the charm we’re long used to by this stage – namely by telling us to “f*** off and print your f***ing story on your stupid f***ing website”. Naturally, we’re not at all overjoyed to hear about the agency’s financial difficulties…

Is there a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge yet?

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