Wednesday Whisper: 25th January 2023

This week, you’re getting a treat – two rumours for the price of one!

Which American DJ ended up sleeping with his best friend’s wife without knowing it over the Christmas holidays? The DJ is a close friend with another DJ – but work commitments have meant that he has never met his friend’s wife, despite knowing for quite some time about her existence.

Ears To The House understands the two met at a party between Christmas and the New Year and immediately took a shine to one another. The two got talking – and from what we’ve been told, later did much more than that. The DJ in question was unaware at the time of the woman’s identity and only discovered the truth when he came across her on social media – posing next to her husband…

Which Detroit diva is gathered to have thrown a temper tantrum at a gig shortly before Christmas? The normally calm as a cucumber DJ was due to play his set when he suddenly lost his mind. And what was the cause of this rant?

Apparently, the chocolates that he requested as part of his rider were “the wrong ones”. Despite it clearly being explained to him that the chocolates he wanted were unavailable in this country and had been swapped for the closest substitute they could find – we’re told the offered alternative was “99% identical” to what was requested – it led to a long whinge about how “s***” his job was and how he “never used to play at s***heaps like this” in the past.

The irony amidst all this? He’s played at this venue at least eight or nine times before…

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