Cashing in by doing a show filled with other people’s records? Judge Jules jumps on the bandwagon…

Certain people would have you believe that the film Kevin and Perry Go Large, released in the year 2000, was one of the best things since sliced bread was invented. They seriously want you to believe that a film about two slightly pathetic teenagers travelling to Ibiza to become DJs and lose their virginity was some work of genius.

Had Ears To The House existed in 2000, however, we would have come to the exact same conclusion then as we do now – the film is absolute rubbish. As much as we should enjoy pondering over who DJ Eyeball Paul was inspired by – a few names from that era come to mind – we still can’t help but think it’s an awful way to spend two hours.

One person who very much diverges with us here is Judge Jules. Back in 2000, he was at around the peak of his powers. Aside from his Saturday night show on BBC Radio 1, he was probably one of the busiest and most hard-working DJs in the UK. He also teamed up with Northern Ireland producer Paul Masterson for a number of tracks at the time, including for a remix of the film’s theme tune.

And not content with having been paid once for his work, Jules has decided to do what an awful lot of DJs from his era are doing – namely rinsing his old glories for even more money. Hence why he’s now doing a Goes Large Tour – what he calls “my very own event interpretation” of what went on at the time. Whatever that means.

It all kicks off in Manchester this Saturday night, with further events in Glasgow, Sunderland and Bristol to come. Hopefully the reviews are a little bit better than the last time he did a Kevin and Perry inspired cash-in…

Someone pass Jules the burn cream…

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