Sterling Void is looking for new music – here’s a few reasons you might want to swerve that offer…

In normal circumstances, Ears To The House has nothing but respect for people who persevere when things get difficult in life. It’s rarely the easy parts of the day to day which you learn the most lessons from – but with that said, we do sincerely wish that Sterling Void would just give up and go home already.

Without going into a very long story, this site started writing about Mr Void – real name Duane Pelt – nearly four years ago after claims of allegedly dubious business practices came to light. Anyone wanting to head down this particularly bizarre rabbit hole can do so here, but we’ll just concentrate on a few choice highlights for today.

The reason? A few days ago, Void posted this slightly cryptic on his Facebook page…

We know that many producers out there are desperate to get their music into the hands of big players – so to have someone like Sterling Void fighting your corner has got to be worth something, right? Er, here’s a few reasons you might want to consider alternative solutions to promote your music.

A few years ago, Void claimed that he’d just signed a record with the house music behemoth that is Defected. He also offered our editor the opportunity to remix the song. Nothing ever happened, of course – but the track, called “So Beautiful” actually came out on Stereocity with remixes by Maurice Joshua and Eric Kupper.

There was also the time he did a few songs with the powerhouse voice that is Cleveland P Jones. It didn’t go very well for Void – infact, the whole experience put Jones off from dabbling in house music altogether. Jones accused Void of forging his signature on a contract – it’s one of few allegations Void ever took the time to outright deny.

Or there was also the time Marshall Jefferson lived with Sterling Void in the 1980s. When sharing an old photo recently, Void failed to mention that Jefferson evicted him from the flat in 1988 after he was caught smoking crack inside. Void cleared the flat out afterwards, even enlisting the help of the landlord on this audacious robbery – having convinced the aforementioned landlord that the duo were moving out. Void even took the carpets!

And we haven’t even mentioned the fact he’s possibly the first person in human history whose mother has died twice. Should you do decide to work with him anyway, don’t say you weren’t warned…

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