Could they really not find someone else? Winter Music Conference website features testimonial from alleged rapist Erick Morillo

When you’re trying to encourage people to go to an event or to a place, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do to make it happen. For example, telling everyone all about the brilliant facilities a place has or the fantastic entertainment on offer might be a good idea. Boasting about top-class food is a winner, and even better coffee often wins us over at Ears To The House.

Similarly, there are things you probably shouldn’t do. For instance, if you are running a private hospital, it’s unlikely to ever be a good idea to feature Harold Shipman in your literature. Indeed, it’s an idea to keep disreputable individuals away from any promotional material you have – and in this day and age, almost anything is effectively is precisely that.

Hence why Defected kept the name of Erick Morillo well away from Harry Romero’s House Masters edition, as Ears To The House reported yesterday. Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo – because as one of our anonymous tipsters pointed out to us yesterday, this was on the front page of the Miami Winter Music Conference website…

Dear oh dear. Are the WMC really unaware that Erick Morillo was charged with rape in August 2020? He died on 1st September that year – according to the inquest some months later, it was from an overdose of ketamine, although it’s unknown if it was accidental or deliberate. And after his death, the press covered numerous allegations of sexual impropriety involving Morillo dating from at least 1998.

Ears To The House did reach out to WMC shortly before publication – we’ll let you know if they reply…

Thank you to the anonymous person who sent us details of this story via our socials. Ears To The House readily accepts tips and will always provide credit unless anonymity is requested.

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