Resident Advisor unveil a billboard of their digital cover in London – doesn’t this smack of a gimmick?

Say what you like about Resident Advisor – we generally do – but things seem to be on the rise for them right now. Now, some things haven’t changed – the site is still a dreary thing to read and they still show a shameless lack of self-awareness. But they’re feeling happy – Ears To The House certainly would be if it received as much in taxpayer bailouts as they did.

Recently, they seem to have started doing these so-called digital covers. We don’t quite understand why – by definition, a cover is necessary for a printed physical product, but as Shawn Reynaldo at First Floor pointed out, “there’s something weird about a publication that’s not only digital, but has always been digital, investing so much energy (not to mention money) into a ‘cover story’. The cover of what, exactly? A print magazine that never existed?”.

And now, editor Whitney Wei has revealed their latest apparently clever wheeze. Instead of just spending lots of money on an expensive photoshoot with Palestinian DJ Sama’ Abdulhadi, they’ve had a billboard put up on the streets of London too with the aforementioned cover on it.

Nice publicity? For Abdulhadi, perhaps – and incidentally, isn’t the accompanying article rather more political than the dance music press will usually go? But that aside, the prevailing view at Ears To The House is that this billboard idea is nothing more than a gimmick.

Perhaps Wei and her extensive team should spend a little more of their time on creating a more interesting website generally…

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