Is it only hypocrisy when others do it? Dance music doyenne Annabel Ross objectifies David Guetta in a new article for Mixmag…

Imagine you had previously been booked by Mixmag to go and cover Detroit’s Movement Festival. Then shortly before the event, you find out you’ve been cancelled because Carl Craig found out you were going – and petulantly threatened to pull out of the festival if he did not get his way.

This is what happened to Annabel Ross, doyenne of the dance music press last year. Several people involved were asked to comment on the story last year, including Carl Craig and Sam Fotias – the man who runs Movement. Ears To The House did not receive any denials of the story or complaints about our coverage at the time.

Shortly after this, Carl Craig used his position to make a vile attack against Annabel Ross – and despite our past differences, we were the first publication to step up and condemn Craig and his main acolyte Omar Alexander Smith. But what did Mixmag do? Absolutely nothing. The only mainstream publication to kick up any kind of fuss was Chicago’s 5 Magazine – and frankly, they could have made much more of an effort.

In view of all this, would you be prepared to work once again for a weak and craven publication which put the interests of a childish Detroit DJ ahead of journalism? It seems if you’re Annabel Ross, the answer to this question is yes – and just look at the language she used to describe David Guetta…

“I can’t stop looking at David Guetta’s abs. They’re multi-millionaire abs, the kind that are impossible for 99% of the population, let alone a 55-year-old, but Guetta has the resources to enlist whoever and whatever is required to maintain the physique of a much younger, extremely fit man.”

For someone who likes to parade her political credentials online – she described herself yesterday as being part of the “woke left” – Ross displays a staggering level of hypocrisy. If a male writer had started an article for Mixmag with a description objectifying a female DJ, you can be absolutely assured that Ross would lead the charge on Twitter – using her following to bully others she disagrees with, much like Mr C did earlier this week.

Yet because she is a woman writing about a man with such sexist, objectifying language, not only does she get away with writing it – but Mixmag’s editors agree to publish it. This reminds us more than a little of the recent controversy where Jeremy Clarkson wrote some disgusting comments about Meghan Markle – and just like in that grubby episode, Ross and Mixmag suddenly have a lot of questions they have to try and avoid answering…

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