Have Defected decided to sex up their advertising? Mystery as two new sales strategies suddenly appear…

It may only be the first days of February with winter not even out of the way, but Ears To The House is already getting a sense of the way 2023 is going to pan out for the dance music world. Festivals are spending obscene amounts of money on obscenely well-paid DJs, the press is set to continue in its role of being utterly useless and new talent looks set to carry on finding it a nightmare to break into the scene.

But amidst all this, Defected might have given us a sneak peek of how they’re going to cut through the noise this year. How are they going to make sure their adverts are seen above everything else – and how will they encourage more people to go to their festivals and not those of their rivals? How will they keep themselves in a job, in other words?

Well, the strategy they’ve chosen appears to be one as old as time itself. It’s to get more skin in their adverts – literally. Anyone watching their promo videos for the likes of Defected Croatia can’t fail to notice the new tactic at work – and somewhat unsurprisingly, shots of young ladies enjoying themselves whilst not wearing a great deal are far more prominent than they used to be…

Now, let’s get one thing clear here. We’re not prudes at Ears To The House – in a country where average daytime temperatures in August can be over 30°C, people are highly unlikely to be dressing up in a coat and scarf. But we do find ourselves asking whether this is a change of strategy from new boss Wez Saunders – or whether it’s an Elon Musk style public experiment to see what works the best.

The answer remains to be seen – but at this rate, the vault in the background of our image of Saunders and former boss Simon Dunmore might have to be replaced by a large collection of bras…

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