Wednesday Whisper: 8th February 2023

Last week, Ears To The House covered a rumour circulating within the scene of a label which has reportedly been getting up to no good on the remix front. Well, the inbox has had a few more tips sent to it since – and we thought we’d feature one of those today.

Which record label has been less than honest with its own artists about who’s been doing their mastering? The label likes to sign demos from new and established artists and claims the final mixdowns submitted by producers will be sent to a premium mastering engineer. But is that what’s really been happening?

Some evidence suggests not. One artist recalls the time he was sent master copies of a release he’d signed to the label. There was a vocal mix and an instrumental version – but whereas the file name for the vocal mix had been titled using the correct format, the instrumental had not. Digging into this further using the file name and metadata, he discovered what “premium mastering engineer” the label had been using.

It was a website called Major Decibel, who offer “instant mastering” for just $25 for a year’s subscription. He wasn’t best pleased…

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