Tickets for Solomun at Brooklyn’s Teksupport go on sale today – now where did we put the Diazepam?

Before you start reading this article, it’s strongly advised you go and get a coffee ready. Make it a really strong one. Blow your head off strong, ideally. And if a Wednesday morning caffeine hit isn’t your scene, find another way to stay awake. Because we’re about to mention possibly the most boring DJ in the world today – and seeing the sorry state of the scene, that takes some doing.

Yes, we’re on the topic of Solomun. In just a few hours time, tickets are going on sale to see Mr Human Diazepam himself performing at Teksupport in Brooklyn on May 20th. Ears To The House is choosing to celebrate the event by doing something which brings on the same sleep inducing qualities as Solomun does – namely by going to bed.

Judging by the looks of the announcement on Instagram, however, he has his fans…

Still, as much as Solomun’s DJ sets leave us wanting to visit the Land of Nod, we can’t help but respect his media game. We still remember almost every word of the bizarre interview he gave a few months ago to The New Yorker – how such a dull DJ makes for such good reading is a mystery…

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