Has he forgotten to pay his heating bill? Derrick May keeps posting clips from Transmat HQ – and he always looks freezing…

As February begins, a fair amount of the northern hemisphere remains pretty chilly. For example, the forecast says today is going to be cold and sunny in Detroit, with a high (if you could call it that) of -11°C in the afternoon and a low of -15°C due this evening. Not exactly sun bathing weather.

So when 59-year-old occasional Detroit DJ Derrick May spends his winter afternoons reminiscing about past glories online – mostly because he hasn’t had any new ones in years – no one’s expecting him to wear a Hawaiian T-shirt and shorts whilst doing it. But has anyone else noticed that he’s always wearing winter clothes whilst doing it?

Take this example from a few days ago, where he’s wearing a hat and scarf whilst sat at the window…

What’s going on here? Is the heating system at Transmat HQ broken? Has Derrick May forgotten to pay his heating bill lately? Ears To The House has no wish to mock those with money issues – well, apart from plague rave DJ agencies – but it’s well known that the fact he doesn’t have as many gigs as he used to has taken a financial toll on May.

We asked our sources in Detroit if they knew anything. None could say for certain, but one who personally knows May said “I’ve been to the Transmat building a few times. Derrick usually invited me. I noticed it always takes ages to heat up, even during the summer. It’s a big open space. That said, the fact he always looks really cold when doing these videos has been getting noticed.”.

Another source just philosophically said “The coldness is a metaphor for what his career has become.”. Ouch…

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