Derrick May FINALLY gets round to banning our Instagram account – and wait until you find out why!

We weren’t remotely surprised with this one, and we imagine regular Ears To The House readers probably aren’t, either. The only mystery is how it took him over two years to actually get around to doing it – but nonetheless, we are now officially persona non grata with Derrick May.

Alas, this is only on Instagram. One of our charming team was online yesterday and noticed we can’t view his account from our official ones. We can only assume he’s done this to prevent us from seeing his increasingly irrelevant content on the platform – although unfortunately for him, he forgets that team members have their own accounts too.

Not for the first time, Derrick May has failed at the internet – his website is evidence aplenty of previous form on the topic. But why has the 59-year-old occasional DJ from Detroit suddenly made such a move? A Detroit source with knowledge of the matter simply said “Derrick’s decided to remove all traces of negativity from his life. It’s only positive things from now on.”.

Which, by all accounts, there isn’t much of in his life at the moment. But we digress with this story for Mr May to pretend he hasn’t read.

One of our Detroit sources recounts a recent experience of seeing Der Untergang – a German language film from 2004 about the last days of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. One famous scene includes Hitler being informed that Fegelein, one of his commanders, cannot be found – culminating in the Nazi leader launching into an angry tirade where he repeatedly bangs his desk and demands Fegelein is brought to him.

They told us that “Derrick was ranting a while ago about your site and his demeanour at times was almost exactly like Hitler in that film. He gets very angry, although you never see this on his social media. Mike [Weston] and Hagi [Craig, his manager] have ordered him not to respond, fearing it’ll only mean even more articles written about him.”.

Bringen sie mir Fegelein

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