Ash Lauryn appeared at Detroit’s TV Lounge last week – alongside possibly the worst flyer of 2023 so far…

The mysteriously rising star that is Ash Lauryn – who claims to represent Detroit whilst living 722 miles away in Atlanta – did a DJ set last week. Nothing unusual there, of course – and the fact it happened at Detroit’s TV Lounge is also par for the course. But Ears To The House does have a few suitably awkward questions.

Namely, who the hell approved this monstrosity of a flyer for the event?

Where do we even begin to explain what’s wrong with this? It’s not just the truly dreadful choice of font – something vaguely reminiscent of what companies keen to be trendy at the expense of legible started using just after the turn of the millennium. It’s not just the appalling colour contrasts making it unreadable – even if it does manage not to be the worst one so far this year.

No, it’s the utterly dreadful image used. Lauryn frequently likes to parade her credentials on social media and often rails against depictions of women and misogyny in the dance music world. Yet here she is on a flyer with, well, how do we even describe this?

One of our sources in Detroit tried, bless them. The kindest one they could come up with was that “it looks like a blow-up doll. The kind of thing weirdos buy to do unspeakable s***.”. We’re not sure we need to comment any further…

The Saturday Recap returns next week. This weekend, we’re here all weekend…

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