So what do they talk about at the €336 per ticket International Music Summit? The first oh so thrilling topics are revealed…

The exact reasons why Beatport recently snapped up a majority stake in the International Music Summit remain cloaked in mystery right now. Ears To The House reported on the first clue a few weeks ago, disclosing that early bird tickets were selling for a whopping €336 each – the great unwashed must be kept away somehow, after all.

Other than that, however, the answer to this intriguing question doesn’t yet have much meat on the bones. We suspect Robb McDaniels – Beatport CEO and the man in charge of acquiring apparently everything – is keeping his cards close to his chest over this. And the IMS themselves are giving little away. Take a look at the less than tantalising list of topics they’re due to discuss…

Some stuff about how AI is going to take everyone’s jobs? Check. Something about ageing and club culture, where main proponents like Carl Cox are already geriatric anyway? Check. The obligatory – although perfectly enjoyable – dig at how crap modern music journalism is? Also check.

There’s also a discussion about “diversion and inclusion” – brought to you by an organisation that was founded by a white British man called Pete Tong and recently bought by a white man called Robb McDaniels. Who could also be considered British due to the fact he was born in London to two American parents.

The lack of self-awareness here is truly deafening…

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