Brooklyn’s Teksupport had Peggy Gou play at the weekend – but even a $75k pay cheque couldn’t make for a decent atmosphere…

Peggy Gou is one of those people in dance music that Ears To The House can’t fully work out. On the one hand, we just don’t think she lives up to the hype that surrounds her – but on the other, we have to concede she can’t have got to such an elevated position in the scene without at least some talent to back it up.

What we do know is that Gou understands the business side of what she does extremely well – the days of just playing music and being paid to do so are long gone. And paid handsomely she is too – she played at Teksupport over the weekend, with sources disclosing she was reportedly paid at least $75,000 for the privilege.

Unfortunately, it seems that paying a DJ that kind of money for just a few hours of work cannot create any kind of atmosphere. Just take a look at this clip – very little dancing going on, isn’t there?

And it’s not just us who thinks so. One of our Brooklyn readers got in touch over the weekend – indeed, she’s partly the reason why we’re even publishing this – to give her thoughts on the party. She says it’s the first time she’s been to see Peggy Gou, having “heard good things about her from friends who’ve seen her before”.

So what was the verdict? She said “I was really disappointed. The music she played was okay, if not exactly the most exciting, but the worst thing for me was the people there. The atmosphere was a lot like a high school prom. Everyone’s there and stuff, but everyone’s kind of too nervous to really relax and enjoy themselves. It was awkward. If that’s what it’s like to see her, I won’t be rushing to go back.”.


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