So how’s Danny Rampling keeping up with the cool kids? Er, by doing a festival stuffed full of names from the 90s…

The dance music press would have you believe there was a time when Danny Rampling was cool. They’d have you believe he was a legend and a pioneer – when little of this is actually true. Yes, he ran one of Britain’s first nightclubs playing house music – but anyone listening to his mixes would never find themselves enamoured by his technical abilities, would they?

These days, the okay-ish DJ doesn’t seem to get much work – and when he does, it’s usually with fellow overrated old fogeys from the era he rose up in. Hence why he’s appearing at 90s Fest in August – it really is a lineup full of yesterday’s names…

Well, the lineup certainly does what it says on the tin – but are Ears To The House the only ones concerned by the sheer number of these 90s festivals nowadays? All attended by people who are convinced everything was better decades ago and that not a single decent record has been released since 2000.

Still, it gives Rampling – sometimes unaffectionately known as Runny Dumpling – an excuse to get away from ranting about 15-minute cities, digital ID, credit cards, Covid vaccines and the rest. A London-based source who has known him for decades tells Ears To The House that “It gets boring listening to him droning on about this stuff.”.

Possibly the truest statement of the day…

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