Is Mixmag EVER bringing back its print edition? Publication was “paused” in April 2020 and still hasn’t resumed 1069 days later…

At what point does a pause becoming something more than that? We only pose the question because in April 2020, Mixmag announced they were temporarily pausing the publication of their print magazine. This was due to the club scene being mostly closed during the first Covid-19 lockdowns.

In June 2020, they made a further statement revealing they were putting the magazine on ice until 2021 – and it was at this point that the entire team was dismissed. But there’s just one problem with this claim – 2021 came and passed by, but Mixmag’s print edition didn’t return. And nor did it return in 2022.

It’s now early in March 2023 and 1069 days has passed since that initial promise to return. Yet there’s no sign of whatsoever of them bringing it back – so does that mean it’s time to say goodbye to the magazine once and for all? It’s hard to come to any other conclusion.

A well-placed media source told Ears To The House that “It’s not looking good for Mixmag in print. The cost of paper is through the roof at the moment, which makes it expensive to produce. There’s also no staff at all on the print operation anymore. Also, no one’s going to pay for something they can read for free online. Mixmag’s print edition is as good as dead. I’m just surprised they haven’t officially said so.”.


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