David Morales wolfed down a plate of pasta just 45 minutes before his set was due to start – so how on earth DID he perform afterwards?

An unspoken rule amongst many famous faces is they don’t allow themselves to be photographed eating or drinking. The main reason for this is when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Just think of British Labour politician Ed Miliband’s undignified attempt at eating a bacon sandwich – or former US president Donald Trump being pictured eating a McDonald’s with a knife and fork.

Now, let’s apply this to the dance music world. DJs typically don’t appear to mind being pictured holding a drink – indeed, the likes of techier than tech house DJ John Summit makes something of a habit of brandishing an alcoholic beverage in his hand at every opportunity. But an unofficial ban on being pictured with food does seem to be a rule for many DJs.

And when it’s absolutely necessary to document a meeting with a photograph in a location which serves food, it’s all done when almost no actual food is on display. Just take a look at the so-called Belleville Three’s recent meet-up at the a steakhouse – the budget was so miserly that only Juan Atkins appeared to be eating.

David Morales, however, has no qualms whatsoever about being pictured wolfing down a plate of food. Anyone watching his socials is frequently treated to the sight of Morales doing a quick video for the Insta page whilst munching on a steak or, in this case, getting his teeth into a massive plate of pasta less than an hour before his set was due to start…

Now, we love our food at Ears To The House – and we do sometimes document what DJs have been eating on their travels. Unlike the supine dance music press, we don’t believe that DJs ultimately deserved to be placed on pedestals just because they get paid a lot of money to play records. They eat and drink and, well, everything else too.

But after this display by Morales, we can’t help but question how on earth he did his set after devouring all that pasta. We can only assume he’s battle hardened after all these decades of travelling around the world – all most of us at Ears To The House HQ would want to do after demolishing that plate is have a nice lie down.

Certainly not standing in a DJ booth for the next two hours. David Morales must have the stomach of a rhino…

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