Has he got no shame at all? Fundraiser launched as Ron Carroll fails to pay back the £4k he allegedly swindled from single mum promoter

Regular readers might recall a story published by Ears To The House back in April. In it, we exclusively revealed details of how Chicago DJ, producer, and singer Ronald Michael Carroll – or Ron Carroll, as he prefers to be known – was alleged to have effectively stolen £4000 from a British promoter, bankrupting her DJ agency in the process.

We also revealed that Superfunk were on the war path with him over allegations that Carroll released unauthorised new remixes by Jay Vegas of “Lucky Star”, a song he originally did with the French group in 1999. It’s unclear exactly what’s going on with this case at the moment, although we’ve been told one particular bone of contention was the omission of Superfunk from the credits.

In the meantime, Carroll has still not compensated Karen Scargall – who formerly headed the Deck-O-Dance DJ agency and to whom he is alleged to owe around £4000. He has repeatedly refused to engage with others over the issue – only requesting that some of the people sharing the matter online remove their posts.

Ears To The House contacted Carroll ahead of publication of our previous articles on him, and we did so again ahead of this one. Once again, the result was silence – with a growing suspicion at HQ that our email address has been added to his blocked list. As is his right, even if it isn’t a necessarily smart one.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has now been launched to try and recoup some of the money that Scargall is owed. It reads as follows…

“This page has been set up so we can help a valued friend in need. Karen Scargall has been the victim of a terrible fraud in the music industry. Karen lost several thousand pounds due to the actions of a certain individual, and it looks like this money will never be recovered. We would like to bring her friends in the music community together to help cover at least some of this loss.”

They go on to explain the details of a secret event which took place last weekend to raise more money – but the fundraiser remains live. At the time of writing, it had reached £680 out of its target of £1000.

Ron Carroll seems to have decided his best response to this was to bury his head in the sand and pretend it wasn’t happening. As we said earlier, this is his right, even if it isn’t a necessarily smart one – remember that the internet keeps receipts…

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