At least it’s not another remix contest! Danny Tenaglia wants to celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Music Is The Answer” – and his massive trunk is nowhere to be seen…

One of the things Ears To The House laments about dance music today is that the average track in the genre has less of a lifespan than a housefly. Whilst these pesky insects have a life expectancy of around 28 days, the majority of new releases on the likes of Beatport and Traxsource are forgotten about in two to three weeks.

This is depressing, not least because it creates a lack of incentive for producers to make something which will be listened to in decades to come. But things weren’t always this way – for in the 90s, record labels spent substantial amounts of money promoting music and pressing up vinyl.

Still, it’s good news for people like Danny Tenaglia. He made his money in the 90s – charging over $15k per time for remixes and signing numerous tracks. Tenaglia stands proud of his discography and is especially pleased about “Music Is The Answer” – released in 1998 with Celeda – being 25 years old this year.

And he wants to celebrate that success. But anyone listening to his latest video – which sadly does not feature Tenaglia’s best asset, namely his massive trunk – might notice something is amiss. And we’re not talking about those shoes…

If we’re reading this correctly – and do feel free to tell us if you think we’ve got this wrong – it appears that Danny Tenaglia wants to celebrate the success of thus admittedly very memorable release, but he doesn’t want to do any actual work in the process. In short, it’s the equivalent of deciding you’re not going to attend your own birthday party.

So what’s going on? Ears To The House has been told – although we’ve been unable to get it officially confirmed – that a remix contest was originally on the cards. However, the idea was dismissed by Twisted Records, who own the master recording, and Tenaglia himself – who gets surprisingly angry when others try to cover the song.

Hence why the idea is now for people to basically dance to the song and upload it to Tik Tok instead. Still, the world will now be spared from 1,998 new remixes of the song floating around…

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