Pasquale Rotella – head of Insomniac – confirms festival stayed open on Saturday night “at the request of law enforcement”…

Yesterday, Ears To The House reported on the terrible news from the United States over the weekend – a maniac with a gun shot five people near the grounds of the Beyond Wonderland festival. Sadly, two of those people are confirmed to have died, with the other three in critical condition in hospital.

The identities of the two victims who tragically perished have not been disclosed by the authorities, although we understand that they are both women. We also gather part of the reason for the delay is The North Central Washington Special Investigations Unit took over the investigation from Grant County Sheriff’s Office – because a GCSO deputy shot the suspect.

Pasquale Rotella – the man who owns Insomniac, the company that runs the Beyond Wonderland festival amongst many others – has now published a long statement on Instagram. In it, he confirms what we initially published yesterday – the festival continued during the event “at the request of law enforcement”.

If only Beyond Wonderland could have published a statement more like this when announcing that Sunday’s events would not be going ahead – instead, they coldly stated it was due to “an incident”…

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