How dare those pesky Germans be so sensible! As Berlin starts to provide free drug testing services, countries like Britain want £3000 for a licence to do the same…

In the dance music world, it’s very fashionable to have a base in Berlin – although this isn’t anything new. Many of the big names in the scene have made the city their home, for reasons as wide as the day is currently very long indeed for the Earth’s northern hemisphere.

In recent years, Germany’s approach to nightlife has seen some interesting new ideas being tried out. For example, Berlin’s Berghain was designated a cultural institution back in 2016 and laws were changed two years ago to allow others to be granted the same honour.

Now comes the news that Berlin has started a new service that allows drugs to be tested anonymously – and totally free. This seems an eminently sensible proposal – as we’ve pointed out many times before, some people are going to take drugs, regardless of whether the law allows them to do so…

What a stark contrast to the situation in London, just a short flight away from Berlin. In Britain, the Home Office has decreed anyone wishing to engage in drug testing must obtain a licence from themselves to do so – at a cost of £3000 and with a three month wait time to see if their application will be approved.

Also somewhat telling is that drugs policy in Germany is decided by the country’s Department of Health. For a British politician to even think of suggesting a similar move would be akin to political suicide at the hands of angry right-wing tabloids…

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