And you thought Louie Vega’s clothes were daylight robbery! Charlotte De Witte’s merch includes a “multi-patch” hoodie for over €250 – and she hasn’t checked the weather forecast, either…

A fortnight ago, Ears To The House reported on Louie Vega’s latest money-making plan – which mostly consisted of selling hoodies for £60 a time. You see, it costs a lot of money to keep a DJ like Vega and his wife Anané – who seem to be glued to each other at the moment – in the lifestyle which they’ve become accustomed to.

But if Vega had indeed thrown down the gauntlet to any other DJs, challenging them to raise their prices to even more ridiculous levels – one can only assume he’s holding Charlotte De Witte’s beer right now. Because the prices for her merchandise actually manage to make Vega’s look affordable, in comparison – which is saying something.

Visiting her official online shop, we quickly discover that De Witte appears to think the UK uses the Euro – perhaps it’s just as well that not many in the dance music world are Brexiteers. Moving past this minor distraction, however, this is what we were presented with…

Prices for a T-shirt begin at €76, rising all the way to €254 for a hoodie – and the hoodie doesn’t even exist yet. It’s a pre-order item, with production not due to begin for a few weeks. And let’s not forget that shipping isn’t included on these prices – most of these items appear to be coming from Portugal, so anyone Stateside interested in buying could be paying big for delivery.

Unfortunately, De Witte has made the same mistake as Vega – she hasn’t checked the weather forecast, either. Most of the USA and Europe are currently basking in high temperatures. Quite why none of these DJs ever think of selling sun cream, we shall never know…

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